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Investors and savers could be forgiven for thinking that they are more vulnerable than ever to the seemingly endless turbulence currently afflicting the world's financial markets.

It seems that each week, markets lurch from one concern to another. One week, the spotlight is on sovereign debt, the next, trade with China and, before we've begun to start digesting the information, it's back on to the steady erosion of the value of the very money in our pockets.

No longer can the size and sphere of influence of a financial institution be relied upon to provide savers and investors with the hitherto taken for granted protection from financial crises. Fortunes have been lost and made back again but the die is cast; the world has changed, perhaps irrevocably, and the onus is now on individuals to ensure that their wealth is protected and Delta Continental is eminently placed to see that our clients prosper in the new paradigm.

Finding a trusted advisor who can intelligently navigate conflicting economic currents is essential to your long-term success in investment. When you engage Delta Continental, you get quality investment advice from a team of consultants driven to meet your goals.

Delta Continental is an independent, pure play brokerage and investment management firm devoted to bringing our clients pioneering financial solutions. The welfare of our clients and their families is always put first and we are proud that they consider us to be their first stop on matters financial. For us, "exceeding our client's expectations" is far more than a mere strap line to be used on glossy corporate literature; to us, it is at the centre of the service we provide, the manner in which we provide it and, naturally, the returns on investment they enjoy.

Our philosophy in utilizing a collaborative approach to investment brokerage maximizes the strengths of our team members while providing our clients with an unparallel level of service and support. Our group's background in corporate finance, investment banking and stock brokerage empower our clients to seek creative solutions in today's complex investment market. We are confident that your experience with our team will exemplify why Delta Continental is at the vanguard of personal investment innovation.

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