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Few can deny that today's financial markets are far removed from what they were 10-15 years ago. Where once the United States and Europe ruled the roost in terms of financial firepower, it is now the developing economies of China, India and others – together with the 2 billion-plus people in their markets – that stand ready to accept the baton of global growth.

A new focus and new strategies are necessary to make sense of the opportunities that this most fundamental shift away from the traditional drivers of economic growth and Delta Continental's focus remains firmly fixed on ensuring that our clients are positioned to ride the next wave of prosperity.

The past few years have been nothing if not a challenging time for investors. Fortunes have been made, lost and then made again….that is if you were in the right stocks and the right sectors.

The financial landscape has been shaken to its very foundations during the upheaval caused by the global financial crisis and many investors have come to question their investment strategies; either their own, or indeed that of their financial advisor, wealth manager or stockbroker.

If anything, the last two years has shown that now more than at any time since the Great Depression of the 1930s, astute portfolio construction and management is critical.

However many investors have not been so fortunate in the positioning of their portfolios in recent years and are now trying to make sense of it all: wondering what to sell, what to hold, and what to buy more of...

Indeed we have found that the experience of the last few years has seen investors generally looking for more of a guiding hand with their portfolios, whilst also maintaining ultimate control.

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