We feel that the best route to long-term investment success is found in adherence to a prudent investment management methodology. To achieve one's goals in today's ever-changing economic environment, it is vital to develop and maintain a consistent investment process that encompasses everything from initial analysis right through implementation and, finally, monitoring.

We remain true to a disciplined four-step investment management process in order to get you to your financial destination with the minimum of fuss and drama:

Organize – Initially we gather, analyze and evaluate all of the documentation relevant to the establishment and management of the investments that will help you formalize your plan. It is our job to facilitate the establishment of specific goals and objectives that are in line with your selected investments. Carefully managed investments will comply with all applicable laws, trust documentation and/or investment policy statements. During this step, we document and acknowledge the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

Formalize – The definition and identification of the key aspects that are crucial to the success of an investment strategy is the best way to describe this step. Of the more important decisions will be the determination of an investment time horizon and the predicted cash flow requirements during it. In coming to this decision, we will guide you down the appropriate path regarding investment vehicles and risk tolerance by asking intelligent, pertinent and on-point questions. This will inevitably lead to the identification of your tolerance to risk – a thorny issue for many investors which we discuss in greater detail on the risk section of this website.

The creation of what we call an "Investment Policy Statement" (IPS) will vividly display the picture that a formal, long-range, strategic plan which allows for the management of an investment program in a logical and consistent framework.

Implement – In this step, all the work that has been completed in Steps 1 and 2 culminates in the actual application of the agreed courses of action. Delta Continental's consistent due diligence process will be followed when deciding on appropriate asset allocation, diversification and investment vehicles. Issues such as whether or not to engage separate account managers or mutual funds are dealt with during this stage. This process will ensure the chosen asset classes and investments are appropriate for the portfolio size and are in line with the risk tolerance boundaries of the client.

Monitor – There is far more to monitoring investments than the mere examination of performance. Of course, for many investors, this is the most important aspect of their relationship with Delta Continental. After all, we can provide the best service and the best coffee and biscuits at our regular meetings with you but if we're not growing your wealth,that becomes somewhat less relevant.

For us at Delta Continental, monitoring includes the re-examination and tailoring of all the policies and guidelines developed during the first three steps of this process. A recurrent review of the IPS, investment time horizon, risk tolerance, due diligence process, asset allocation, investment vehicles and cash flows are all included in this step.

This section deals with the bulk of our Investment Policy Statement in an overview format. Of course, specifics relevant to your unique situation will be provided to you upon signing a money management contract and will supplement that which is presented here.

Delta Continental's Approach

We have three approaches to investing, depending on your preference: Mutual Funds/Exchange Traded Funds, Individual Securities and Hard Assets/Commodities.

Once you have engaged Delta Continental, we will review your current investments (where applicable). In some instances, we may recommend selling certain ones while retaining others.

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