Preserving Wealth

If there is one thing that investors must prepare for, it is the fact that, even if they have managed to build up a significant level of capital, its purchasing power will be devastated by the consequences of the efforts of the world's governments to prop up the financial markets and their economies in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

In their zeal to preserve the status quo, global governments may have just consigned entire generations of hard-working, prudent savers and investors to a standard of living far short of that which they had planned for.

There is a new dynamic on the way; one that will force us to retire later or expect less and, unless we make provisions and position ourselves accordingly, the future will look decidedly duller than it did a decade ago.

Your money is going to buy a whole lot less than it does now so it is in your best interests to take action now to preserve your wealth.

Our goal is to broach the issues from an informed standpoint and that means gathering as much information about your circumstances as possible as part of our service. Delta Continental are advocates of holding hard assets. It is our contention that they represent the best way to hedge against the devaluation of paper-based currencies that is an inevitable result of the monetary and fiscal expansion policies being deployed by Western governments.

Of course, we still like equities and feel that those of innovative and forward-thinking companies will do exceptionally well in the years ahead.

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